Creative Outreach by the Sea

By Nicole James
As soon as the team starting setting up along the seaside road an audience appeared. In the evening, after the sun sets, locals hang out on the wide paved avenue along the sea, Vanessa explained. From joggers to families to teenagers to tourists to refugees, the crowd swelled to around 150 people during each performance. The police stopped to watch, too. One member of the police even encouraged the group, telling them, “What you guys are doing is a good thing.”

Transform team on the Cornesque, Lebanon.The story of Abraham’s sacrifice, an important part of both Islam and Christianity, was not new for the people watching. But the team took the message a step further, Vanessa said: “Here we are…at the end of the skit, saying God provided the sacrifice for Abraham, and you know, God has provided the sacrifice for everyone. It’s Jesus the Messiah.”
After each performance, Vanessa and the others conversed with the people who had been watching. Two other Arabic speakers also distributed Bibles and tracts to the passers-by, handing out over 500 New Testaments and 100 different CDs during the outreach.
“I’ve never seen so much material go out. That’s just a huge impact,” said Vanessa. “Plus, everybody’s recording it on their phones…That was kind of amazing.”
*Name changed